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Yoga at Home

I'm Erin.

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I am a wife, mama, yoga teacher, newborn care educator, and former NICU nurse. I am REALLY passionate about all things mothering. I believe that there are so many ways to "mom", and we can learn so much about wellness and motherhood from listening and sharing vulnerably with other mamas. This is my "WHY" for creating this space. We as mothers have so many resources and experiences to share with each other.  All of the information and advice out there? It's overwhelming. I want to be that mama friend to you. With 7 years of NICU experience, working with babies, birth, and breastfeeding, I was still overwhelmed as a new mom. From prenatal health and wellness, postpartum tips and support, and infant care - I will share my knowledge and experiences here. And know that you can share yours too. 


As a new mama, the significant life change and learning that it takes to care for a tiny human can be overwhelming. I want to be your support system in whatever journey you are walking through as a mama. I found that listening to other mamas made me feel connected and supported, eliminating the nagging loneliness that can go along with the new mama experience. I want to provide a safe, gentle, encouraging, and empowering space to share in our motherhood journeys. Mothers are amazing and we should feel supported and empowered!  



I am a lover of fresh air, essential oils, coffee, yoga, and tiny humans. I believe that if we invest in loving our tiniest humans, we will make this crazy world a better place. I am a firm believer that if we empower and educate ourselves, listen to our bodies and trust our intuition we can find the holistic wellness for ourselves and our babies.

My husband is in real estate and we also believe in breathing new life into old things! We are always seeking out homes to restore, finding new projects in our home, and discovering new ways to live sustainably. We are constantly chasing a life that spreads good to others and feels good for our family.

I would love for you to join me, and share in this wild journey that is motherhood.

Yoga in Nature
Mother Doing Yoga with Baby
Baby's Hand
Baby Crawling
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