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My "Why"

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Hi mamas, YOU are so welcome here. This blog is just an outlet for my experiences, my inspirations, new information I’m gathering, my thoughts, and to put my headspace into words. Motherhood is a journey, and that journey is unique to every mama. But we as mothers get so much information thrown our way... I just want to be that mama friend to you. I won't pretend to have all of the answers. But I will support you in sharing my vulnerable experiences, and listening to yours. Working as a NICU nurse for the last 7 years, I experienced birth, babies, and breastfeeding everyday, yet I still struggled as a new mom. I felt the overwhelm, the isolation, the guilt and pressure of making the best decisions for my baby and myself. I believe that the more information we gather, experiences and stories we share, and mama friends we have in our corner, the weight of motherhood gets a little bit lighter. I would love for you to follow along in my motherhood and wellness journey, and share your journey with me as well. A little bit about me...

I am a wife to an amazing husband, mother to my sweet baby boy Weston and a baby girl on the way (and my two sweet pups), certified yoga teacher, and former NICU nurse. I have been forever chasing holistic wellness for myself and our family. As a nurse I have learned so much about what it means to be “well” in every aspect of life. I am constantly learning and growing in my natural wellness journey. Life is all about change and growth, and I would love for you to grow and learn with me. I am a lover of fresh air, essential oils, yoga, coffee, community, and tiny humans! I believe that if we invest in loving our tiniest humans, we will make this crazy world a better place. I am a firm believer that if we empower and educate ourselves, listen to our bodies and trust our intuition we can find holistic wellness for ourselves and our babies.

I am REALLY passionate about all things mothering... I love being a mama. I believe that there are so many ways to "mom", and having a community of supportive mamas around you helps you to "mom" at your best. This is my "WHY" for creating and developing this space. We as mothers have so many resources and experiences to share with each other. As a NICU nurse, I worked alongside lactation consultants every single day. A huge part of my job was helping mothers in their breastfeeding journey. I LOVE helping new mamas breastfeed their little ones, yet I also have so much information and experience with bottle feeding, pumping, breast milk storage and prep, formula storage and prep... basically all things feeding! As a new mama, the significant life change and learning to care for a tiny human can be enough to make you lose it. I want to be your support system in whatever journey you are walking through as a mama. Mothers are amazing and we should feel supported and empowered!

I am also passionate about natural ways to boost and improve your fertility. I will share our natural fertility journey and how we got pregnant with our sweet baby boy in another post, but I love chatting about all things women's health and female and male fertility. I am all about using supplements, herbs, and natural lifestyle changes and techniques before beginning invasive procedures and treatments. I believe that food is medicine, and yoga and meditation can truly heal our bodies. To say I'm passionate about preventative healthcare and natural healing is an understatement... I am trusting of health care professionals and modern medicine - they are so important when we need them! But there are so many ways in which we can tap into the natural resources that are here for us and our overall health and wellbeing prior to relying on modern medicine to "fix" our health conditions.

My husband is in real estate and we also believe in breathing new life into old things! We are always seeking out homes to restore, finding new projects in our home, creating new ways to live sustainably, and are constantly chasing a life that spreads good to others and feels good for our family.

In this blog you will find my personal stories, mom experiences, wellness tips, prenatal and postpartum wellness resources, infant care tips, “how-to” use essential oils and make natural and safe beauty and cleaning products for your home, empowered birth stories, ways to begin or deepen your yoga practice and so much more.

Thanks for stopping in friends and being open to learning and growing with me, for yourself and for your family! I never have all the answers, and there are many ways to do everything... always trust that the stories and tips in this blog are personal, vulnerable, and just little bits of life that I want to share with you. I am not here to give you any medical advice, speak negatively about anything or anyone, or exclude anyone from this safe space. I want you to know my heart is open to YOU, and I'm already super proud to be in community with you mama.

Feel free to drop a message to me and let me know what YOU would like to read about on the blog!

All the love, friends!

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